About NutriKit

About NutriKit

Having observed the need that health professionals in Mexico had to be able to demonstrate to their patients in an instructive manner how to combine foods and the food portion sizes to achieve a healthy eating pattern, we set about creating NutriKit in 2008.

NutriKit are life-sized food and beverage two-dimensional food replicas with nutrition information on the reverse side of each image.

Each of the replicas is carefully produced to simulate the food or beverage in the actual size. The information in the back panel is carefully calculated based on food composition databases and dietary guidelines. Our NutriKits come together with recommendations for use.

NutriKit has been very helpful for the health professional and for educators in México. Over 10 000 health professionals use Nutrikit in their practice.

In 2015 we designed NutriKit tools for Chile in South America, according to their local food, food databases, and guidelines.

In 2018 we created NutriKit Play learn how to eat well as an educational tool to be used mainly by RDAs, health professionals, and educators when teaching nutrition. It was designed according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the USDA food composition databases.